The future of Judaism depends on our children. Mt. Freedom Jewish Center treasures the presence of children and encourages their active involvement in synagogue life. Whether they participate in youth programming, services, dancing around the bimah, or scurrying down the sanctuary aisle, children bring a special energy and joy to the synagogue. At MFJC, we want our children to be seen and heard.


Services: Infants, Tot Shabbat, Jr. Congregation, Teens

Each Shabbat and Holiday morning, MFJC offers a range of programming. In classroom #2, is where Tot Shabbat meets. Beginning at 10AM, Pre-schoolers through 2nd graders have supervised play and tables and chairs to read and play games. At 11AM, a volunteer, teacher or parent leads a short interactive program. Once a month, this group hosts a “Kandy Kiddush” at 11AM. Infants are welcome to crawl and explore in Tot Shabbat with parental supervision.

Third graders through pre-Bnei Mitzvah meet bi-monthly for Jr. Congregation in the small sanctuary. In this program,  madrichim (youth leaders) conduct services, discuss the Torah portion and tell stories. Additionally, our rabbinic intern, ase well as Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest rishonim (young adult educators from Israel) take part in teaching Jr. Congregation.

After groups conclude, all the groups are invited to close the service from the front of the main sanctuary. This is an MFJC highlight to see our children standing at the front of the sanctuary, leading the prayers and songs, and helping us to conclude the service.

Teens are always encouraged and welcome to participate in services in the Main Sanctuary (see Teen section below.) Participation does not end at B´nei Mitvzah-it is only the beginning!


Hebrew School

Mt. Freedom Jewish Center offers an after-school Jewish experience for children, grades 1 through 8, who reside in and around the Randolph community. The Mt. Freedom Jewish Center Hebrew School provides Judaic enrichment through Jewish texts, song and music, hands-on learning experiences and Hebrew language instruction. We want our students to learn and live their heritage so that they carry their passion and love of Jewish life to their families, to their neighborhoods and to their schools. Our vision is to prepare our students for their future as engaged Jewish adults.

Hebrew School is offered once-a-week, Tuesdays, from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

Please click here for more information about MFJC Hebrew School.

Bar Mitzvah

B´nei Mitzvah

At Mt. Freedom Jewish Center, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are not “cookie cutter” events. Each milestone is created with full participation of the student and parents, making the day special and unique. Working with the Rabbi, the Bar/Bat Mitzvah will be well-prepared to participate in a truly meaningful event, for the student, his/her family, and the community. As an Open Orthodox institution, we recognize the important role that our daughters play in Jewish life. And so we strive to find meaningful, halachikally appropriate ways to engage B’not mitzvah in this lifecycle event. We welcome the conversation that will help your family create a meaningful Bat Mitzvah experience.

After all, B´nei Mitzvah instruction is the tool which prepares our students – boys and girls alike – for their journey into Jewish adulthood. It cannot be said enough: Participation in Jewish life does not end at Bar/Bat Mitzvah; it is only the beginning!

Youth Programming:

Each month abounds with social programs for our young members. From a sukkah decorating party to a pizza and movie night, our children spend time at MFJC having fun. We also coordinate “off site” programs, such as visiting area nursing homes to spread Channukah cheer, or trips to the Turtle Back Zoo just for fun!

Teens Club

Teens Club

Teens are encouraged to participate in all aspects of synagogue life. They serve as role models for the youngest members, so teen involvement in youth programs and services are very important. Participation in services is always encouraged and welcomed, any day of the week. Additionally, throughout the year, the synagogue organizes “teen takeover Shabbat,” where our young adults lead services, read from the Torah, and give the sermon. Our teens are also involved in leading youth programs such as Jr. Congregation, sharing their knowledge with the younger members. Lastly, our teens also take part in Chesed (acts of kindness) programs, giving of themselves to help others.

Chesed/Acts of Kindness

Some call it social action, some call it volunteerism. The Jewish term for it is Chesed – Acts of Kindness. Giving to the community, helping those less fortunate, caring for others – these are not just abstract concepts at Mt. Freedom Jewish Center, but are concrete behaviors lived out through our members, including our youngest ones.

Our youth, from toddlers to post B´nai Mitzvah, participate in a variety of projects to benefit the synagogue and the larger community. For example, our young members have made “apple and honey” bags to distribute to the community for Rosh Hoshanah. Each year, our children visit area nursing homes to sing songs for and play dreidel with residents for Channukah. And our teens have been involved in serving the general community, such as their food drive where they collected more than 350 pounds of food for the Interfaith Food Pantry. These are just a few examples of “social action” activities by our youth.

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