Why Join?

Membership into the Jewish community is a God-given right. When a person is born into a Jewish family or becomes a Jew by choice, they are members. Synagogues have the blessing to be able to create opportunities, to open the doors for Jews to discover and deepen their inner-gift. When considering joining a synagogue, some recall the old saying, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” Services are free, so why join?

That is true. But the MFJC is asking Jews to re-envision membership as investment. Shul is not a club, but an opportunity. A club is exclusive; synagogues are inclusive. Shul is not only a place of being but also of becoming. Synagogues give Jews the exciting opportunity to discover the traditions of our ancient ancestry and relating those ideas and values to contemporary society. The synagogue is not just a building where people go to pray. Prayer is an act where people commit to build.

What does your investment yield?

Fellowship, community, connection: Being a member makes you part of a community which is more like an extended family. Unlike any other place where we engage with other people – co-workers, book clubs or tennis partners – in synagogue you are with people with whom you have a deeper fellowship, a shared destiny. The synagogue community celebrates our deepest joys as its own and grieves beside us in our times of sorrow.

Peace, calm and enlightenment: The world in which we live is chaotic and moving ever faster. In a certain respect, the synagogue is an oasis or an island; a place where we can take time for quiet contemplation, to seek answers to life’s questions, to recover our own spirituality. And, ultimately, shul helps us gird ourselves with the strength of tradition and community to encounter the world around us.

Generational continuity: At synagogue, through services as well as social and enriching programs, Jewish history, heritage, customs, and traditions are passed to our children: Dor l’Dor, Generation to Generation. Membership at shul is an investment in our future. Synagogues keep the eternal Jewish flame burning for our children, for their children and for all future generations.

Keeping the lights on: Membership is a literal, dollars and cents investment. Without the financial support for our most practical needs, like keeping the lights and heat on, maintaining the building’s physical structure and paying our staff, our institution would fail. When we invest in the day-to-day maintenance of the shul, we simultaneously invest in the future. Beyond that, we set the right example for our children. Joining a synagogue shows our children that we all have a shared responsibility for one another and for our community at large. It is up to all of us to ensure that our holy places and Jewish institutions remain vibrant and strong.

So please join us—Invest in your future, in your children’s future in the future of the Jewish people. We look forward to welcoming you!

Annual Membership Dues for 2017-2018

Family | $1,900

50% discount first Shul year only. Prorated for 12 months, with applicable subsequent year dues increases and the balance of the succeeding year at full rates. 2 Adult High Holiday Seats are included. ** Second through fourth year discount available for families with children enrolled in a MetroWest Jewish Day School.

Single | $1,200

50% discount first Shul year only. 1 Adult High Holiday Seat Provided.

Senior Couple | $1,050

Must be requested & approved; younger spouse 75 or older. 50% discount first Shul year only. 2 High Holiday Seats are included.

Single Senior | $900

Must be requested & approved (75 or older). 50% discount first Shul year only. 1 High Holiday Seat is included.

Associate Member | $300

Must be requested -- Not within commuting distance: further than 60 miles away. High Holiday seats are not included.

Sustaining Member | $2,200

Option to purchase the Value Package (see below) and includes 2 Adult High Holiday Seats

Double Chai Member | $3,700

Includes Value Package and 4 Adult High Holiday Seats

Triple Chai Member | $5,500

Includes Value Package and 6 Adult High Holiday Seats

Building Fund Assessment | $1,800

Payable by new members at $300/Year after the 1st Year.

* Sustaining, Double & Triple Chai Memberships are offered for those families that recognize that the regular dues do not provide adequate funds to support the overall needs of the Shul and voluntarily choose to pay higher dues as evidence of their commitment to the Future of MFJC. Please consider joining the ranks of these special people. To make your enhanced support simpler, we offer you a special discounted package not available to others that you can purchase with your enhanced membership as well as discounted High Holiday Seats. Double and Triple Chai Membership includes the Chai Value Package.

*Value Package For Sustaining, Double & Triple Chai Members Only:

High Holiday Cards (To All Congregants): $160.00 value

Purim Basket (To All Congregation): $280.00 value

One (1) Lulov & Etrog: $50.00 value

Value: $0.00 (included in Double & Triple Chai Memberships)

Value Package Price for Sustaining Members: $350.00



Tickets are available for purchase.


  • Regular Members: $100.00 per adult, $75.00 per student (
  • Chai and Sustaining Members: $75.00 per adult, $50.00 per student (

Non-Members: $180.00 per adult, $85.00 per student (

***Special Arrangements will be considered in cases of financial hardship (see the Shul Treasurer or Rabbi). We want you as members. Please give us a chance to discuss any issue you may have.


Hebrew School Rates

(see Hebrew School section of website for more information and application)

Member: $700 per child. (Second & Subsequent Children at 75%

Non Member: $1,000 per child. Second & Subsequent Children at 75%

Mt. Freedom Jewish Center MetroWest Day School Family Fund

Through a generous donation by Dr. Charles and Mrs. Sherry Pollack of Randolph, the Mt. Freedom Jewish Center (MFJC) has created a fund to help families with children in the three MetroWest area Day Schools afford synagogue membership at MFJC. The Mt. Freedom Jewish Center MetroWest Day School Family Fund will provide a $800 subsidy for new MFJC members who have children enrolled in kindergarten through high school at Hebrew Academy of Morris County, The Golda Och Academy, or the Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy/Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School (including The Sinai Schools for Special Needs located at the Kushner Academy.) The dues subsidy can continue for up to three years as long as the member family has a child or children enrolled in one of the aforementioned day schools. Their vision is to make living a Jewish life a little easier for day school families.

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