Create a Jewish Legacy

Ensure the future of Mt. Freedom Jewish Center by becoming a member of the Chayei Olam Circle.

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What is Create a Jewish Legacy?
Create a Jewish Legacy is part of a national program to dramatically increase philanthropy to provide for the vibrant future of the local Jewish organizations that enhance our lives today.

This program is sponsored by The Jewish Community Foundation and Federation of Greater MetroWest in partnership with the Harold Grinspoon Foundation.

MFJC is thankful to be one of a handful of MetroWest organizations chosen to participate in this innovative program.

Did you know?

  • Though only 2% of the American population, Jewish donors make up 30% of America’s most generous donations.
  • Jewish donors are the most philanthropic Americans.
  • The vast majority of Jewish dollars go to non-Jewish causes.

The first two statements may not come as a surprise. However, the last one may give us reason to think about the when, where, and why we donate.

As Jewish Americans, we proudly support Tikkun Olam, but we must remember that our dedication to tzedekah stems from Jewish values. “Charity begins at home” is especially meaningful in this light if we want to preserve our community.

Can we safeguard our spiritual home so that our traditions and values will inspire future generations?

Can we have an impact on tomorrow without depleting our personal funds today? 

We can . . .

For more than 90 years, Mt. Freedom Jewish Center has been essential in building and maintaining the community of Morris County and beyond. Each day, year after year, MFJC provides opportunities to connect with and explore Jewish prayer, culture, history, and traditions.

We, and our children, have benefited from the MFJC experience. As we have enjoyed this beautiful shul yesterday and today, who will ensure that MFJC will be here tomorrow, for our children’s children and beyond?

We will . . .

Create a Jewish Legacy by joining the MFJC Chayei Olam Circle and ensuring Mt. Freedom Jewish Center’s stability and vibrancy for years to come.

It is easy:

~Speak with a MFJC Legacy Team member:

Dr. Steven Schwartz, Chair:

Dr. Gil Mayor:

Sharon Nessel:

Dr. Charles Pollack:

David Paris:, 973-895-2100

~Discuss the way to leave a future gift that makes the most sense for your family. It can be a change in your will or retirement account beneficiary, a life insurance policy, or other estate-planning tool. The method and amount are up to you.

~Formalize your commitment by making the relevant change to your will, retirement account, insurance policy, or other estate plan.

~Complete a Confirmation of Commitment form provided by the Legacy Team.

Your commitment, no matter the size, is essential to our community’s future and is greatly appreciated.

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