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Along with prayer and acts of loving kindness, Torah study is a pillar of Jewish living and continuity. As an institution, MFJC believes it our mission to provide meaningful, engaging opportunities for life-long learning. Judaism is a religion of the mind and heart and Jews are the people of the book. There is so much to learn about Practice, Culture and Traditions, we invite you to explore and expand your knowledge.

Torah on the Move

Through Torah on the Move, MFJC brings study into people’s homes, making it comfortable and accessible. Community hosts hold the sessions in their homes. Topics often coincide with events or holidays on the Jewish calendar, but can also focus on other topics of interest, including current events and how the Torah relates to them. Torah on the Move is a warm and fun way to experience Jewish education. Sign up to host and bring Torah into your home.

Torah Thursday

Every week, on Thursdays, 10 – 11 am, October through June, Rav Menashe leads a Torah class that deals with themes and issues in Jewish life and the Jewish community This course is open to all students at all skill levels and background. The discussions are interactive, informative, and lively. This Class is held in Baum Hall. 

I-Torah: On-line Torah Seminar

Join our on-line community of Torah students on Thursday evenings.  This seminar focuses on the coming Torah portion. For more information or to sign up, send Rav Menashe an email.

Sunday Talmud Study

Judaism has two Torahs: The Written and the Oral. The Oral Torah has intimidated and been off limits for much of Jewish history. But in modern times, men and women of all backgrounds have cracked open the Talmud and have sought to discover its wisdom. At the MFJC, a group has gathered every Sunday to learn the Talmud. We systematically go through each tractate and upon completion celebrate with  a  community-wide siyyum (completion party).  All are welcome to dive into the Talmud and since the topics are so varied, you can enter our class at any time. Through study of the laws in the Talmud, and the accompanying analysis, discussions, and arguments of the rabbis, our understanding of Judaism and Jewish traditions becomes illuminated. Talmud study is held from 9 – 10 am.

Women’s Participation

Adult education is important for all of our congregants for intellectual and spiritual growth. The issue of women’s participation in synagogue life is a vitally important conversation in the Jewish world, and taken very seriously at MFJC. Throughout the lifecycle and the calendar cycle, women play an important spiritual role at MFJC. Our daughters will grow to become the mothers and grandmothers of the Jewish future.

MFJC encourages women to take part in all of our adult education opportunities. In addition to classes, throughout the year there are opportunities to become more learned in not only Jewish law and life, but also in ritual participation, such as reading Torah. MFJC supports a Women’s Simchat Torah Torah reading, as well as community Kabbalat Shabbat services led by women for everyone, and the reading of the book of Esther (Megillah) on Purim. Rav Menashe is available to assist anyone who wants to learn to read Torah and to deepen their appreciation and connection to Torah.


At MFJC, we believe the Torah lives in the souls of every one of us. Sometimes, the Torah inside us is dormant and with encouragement will rouse. Congregants are welcome to deliver the Shabbat sermon in honor of a special occasion or to articulate a particular passion. Members work with the Rabbi to study about and craft a sermon. This process deepens our own appreciation of Torah; it empowers our ability to explore the text and it transforms us into teachers as well as learners.

Shabbat Afternoon Study

Every Shabbat from March through November, we study Torah.  This  is a great way to finish Shabbat and start the new week. This class meets on Shabbat afternoon after the Mincha service.

Personalized Study

For Jewish learning to come to life, often students need to feel the text speaks to them. At MFJC, we want you to find a topic that you are passionate about or ask a question that has always nagged you and to explore it. Currently, a number of focused study groups, Chaburahs, meet throughout the community. We encourage you to start your own group or to meet with the Rabbi to study one on one, b’Chavrutah, or in a group setting.

Scholar in Residence:

There are wonderful teachers everywhere. We are fortunate to have hosted some of the great teachers of our day. Being in proximity to the center of Jewish life in the US, we have tremendous access to human resources. Keep an ear out for announcements of visiting scholars who come to MFJC to share their passion and the work in which they engage. We welcome suggestions of Scholars. Please contact the Rabbi to discuss a potential guest for our community. We are also grateful to Dr. Lee and Linda Rosenbaum for their generous endowment of the Rosenbaum Lecture fund to assist in bringing scholars to our community.

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